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Client: Gipuzkoako Erlezain Elkartea
Work: website with an online catalogue, promotional video, photographs and private area.
Date: 2021
Location: Zaldibia
Web: www.erleakgipuzkoa.eus

GEE is an association made up of beekeepers, mostly from Gipuzkoa, although there are also members from Navarre and Iparralde.

"As an association, our main task is to work to defend and promote the bee in general and the local black bee in particular, as well as to provide the necessary service to the beekeepers who make up the association".

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telefono acv multimedia 943 80 57 99

Opening times / Mon-Fri 8:30 - 15:30
Domingo Unanue Plaza 3, ORDIZIA / How to get here
Tabakalera · 3. solairua, DONOSTIA / How to get here

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