Graphic communication


The most important thing is not what it says, but how it says it. Letters have an effect on what is said by how it is said, and the main condition to influence ‘what’ is said by ‘how’ it is said is legibility (the ease with which letters are read).

Using the concept of legibility and the typographic factors that have an effect on it (letter design and size, spacing between letters, line length, colours used or print quality), we can also establish principles that all designers should consider when communicating an idea or message through a sign: the audience it’s aimed at (who will read it), where, or at what distance it can be read, etc. Factors such as the lighting and the distance or height  of positioning should also be taken into account.

Today, technological advances give us the possibility of depicting our messages through various different mediums: on vehicles, glass, paper, fabric, tarpaulins, awnings, canvases, magnets, etc. We can create the type of sign that meets our needs, be it a signboard, banner, lit up sign, methacrylate sign, printed vinyl, corporeal letters, for a stand, or for a display.

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